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HTML - Preview

Just copy & past this HTML-Code to you CMS or Webpage.


Meta Description

Writing good Titles & Meta Descriptions

Tipps to inspire

  • Use Google Suggest to get an inspiration of often uesd words
  • Look at Competitors Titles / Snippets and get inspired
  • use Google Keyword Tool to find often used words or niche keywords which you could use as secondary keywords

Checklist - Bad Practice

  • avoid bland & generic words
  • avoid keyword stuffing
  • avoid cliffhanger
  • avoid made up words
  • avoid stopwords, useless words, jargon
  • avoid oversaturation like long keyword lists
  • don't start the sentences with blabla
  • avoid same text strings in title-element and h1
  • avoid all caps
  • avoid fluffy and weak words like "best, most, top, experienced, choice, award, professional, winning,..." This can result in oversaturation of searchers.
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Snippet Templates

This is a small collection of popular HTML symboles and special characters, which are often used in titles and meta descriptions to get more attention in SERPs. Also get some examples of user friendly USPs and Call to actions to improve you click through rate on organic results.

  • Symbols
  • USPs
  • CTAs
  • Fullwidth Zeichen

▶ Popular Symbols


▶ Numbers

▶ Chars

▶ Forms

▶ other Symbols

▶ Stars

▶ Arrows

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