Redirect Speed Tester

Do you know how fast you your redirects are and how long it will take till your visitors get to the original target urls? How long will it take that search engine bots like google bot follow your redirects? Here you can test the speed of your redirects. Try out now!

Insert here up to 50 redirect urls.


Redirect Time
Time in seconds for all redirection steps before the final transation was startet. This includes name lookup time, connect time, pretransfer time and transfer time of all redirections before the last transaction was startet. This includes all multiple redirections.
Lookup time
Time in seconds it took to resolve the name
Connect time
Time in seconds it took to connect the remote host.
Pretransfer time
Time in seconds it took to start the file transfer.
Starttransfer Time
Time in seconds it took until the first byte was transferred.
Total Time
Time in seconds it took for the full operation.

Redirect performance

Redirect or better multible Redirects in a chain can have a high impact on page load time. Redirect time is the time before your own page starts to load. Depending on the server load and the number of redirects in a chain you can loose up to 1 second before the target page starts to load.

User Experience

A Study from amazon For showed that every 100ms increase in load time of decreased sales by 1% (Kohavi and Longbotham 2007). Optimizing your redirects can be one option to get more performance and better user experience.


Tips to improve redirect speed