JSON LD Site Name Generator

You want to define the prefered name for your website in google search result e.g. breadcumb-navigation with structured data? With this site name json ld generator you can easily generate a Strucure data snippet and add it to your website.


  • be similar to your domain name
  • be unique
  • be natural
  • don't be missleading
JSON LD Generator for Site Names
define the prefered name for your website
define an optional alternate name, so google can consider
define the URL e.g.http://www.example.com

Description about Site Name Markup

Normally your google will take your domain name to display it in the rich snippet breadcrumbs. To enhance the look and feel and the usability of your snippet on the search result page, you can define the site name via structured data. We recommend to use JSON LD markup, because it is easy to implement. Just fill out the form above and you can easily generate the script code and add it to you homepage.

When google crawls the homepage the next time, they will find the annotation and check it. How long this will take depends on google, but you will see it in the next view days.